'8 - Week Two

'8 Week Two

Early Week 50s-60s Midweek 50s Late Week 30s Rainy

Calls about doing wedding here this summer. Gabi is writing up a new contract and we are working out all the details to how it will all work out. Did a lot of cleaning. Trying to figure out a way to have another shower in the house. There has got to be a way. I guess I just need to think more. Updated the webpage. I plan on some big changes soon. The page still feels a little low-tech for me.

I had a dream about writing a Novel, so guess what I decided that I should. I've been having long vivid dream. Not, that I'm complaining, I just hope they go away, or come earlier in the night when spring gets here.

I've been feeling fine. My energy levels are lower then I like, but that is typical of this crazy warm weather spells in the middle of winter. I hate it when it's warm and it should be cold out. My body likes it one way, and bam nature fucks that up.

I read this really sad, but inspiring blog the other day. I think I will add it to my blog; it's from an Army Major who was killed in Iraq. I would have loved to read his blog live, he seemed like just one of those cool people in the world.

Personal life:
Same old Same old!!!


Till next week guys!!!

- Baron J. J. Marchese