17 March 2017

Myr - Turn off the Media and Talk to your Friends

Here is how I see it. 

A little background first. I was born in the inner city, when to inner city school in the heart of the rust belt, as the factories begin closing my parent took risked and moved us to the suburbs where I went to high school. In college I returned to the Inner City. After college, I wanted something different so I moved to Rural Appalachia. Here I learnt farming and also ran a B&B.

 — Now to my point. It’s big business to divide us. It helps the bottom line! Why you might ask? That way we are always afraid to go outside, 
so we 
a.) buy a gun 
b.) want more police force
 c.) order more online.

 All of these make more money for a corporation. Next, we stopped sharing. When is the last time you called up someone close by for sugar? This type of thing should happen all the time in the Inner City, look there are like 25 different household within shouting distance. Next, they find what we all have in common and make it look like if differences. Urban Inner City and Rural Appalachia are so similar it’s crazy. Having lived in both if you… Wow.

 Finally, they also distract us from the realness. That is how you are being you. 

What awesome thing have you done today? 
How have you helped make the world better this week? 
When is the last time you did something just for the act of giving? 

The system has broken us down to the point of running so inefficient, that when we stumble forward we thing it’s good forward motion. We can change it. I’m a permaculturalist. Together with friends we are building an education center where people can come together and learn to grow food, but most importantly learn to foster strong relationship with other people. Mavis Farmacy. 

Anyway, in permaculture the approach to all issues is: Top down thinking, and bottom up solutions. What that means is see the entire picture, and start fixing the small bottom pieces first. Together if we all fix the little things we can make things better together.

22 January 2017

Last Great American Civil War

Yesterday was a thought experiment. I posted a question, then some stereotypical possibly humorous statements.

And I was verbally attacked, named called and shunned. Let's just think about that. By whom? Mostly Progressive Liberal whom preach diversity and tolerance.

To be far some answered the question, and other just played along. But, some folks I share my world with attacked me personally.

Today, I truly understand how the American Civil War was fought between brothers, how good people watch as a Ruling Class took their friends and neighbors to the trains, I even understand now, how some people would even turn in their friends and neighbors for the "Greater Good".

Who em I? I don't have a privileged status, I have no political clout. All I did was question the actions of the masses, and I was branded the enemy. I didn't have rightthink.

This is a dire warning my friends. When you're willing to attack your friends and family, whom have zero power to influence the political machine, willing to allow such anger that you publicly shame them, willing to throw all your values of tolerance and compassion away, take a quick look in the mirror, and make sure your not the Prison Guard flipping the switch.

This is a warning to both side of the fence.

Welcome to the Last Great American Civil War, the one ALL of us helped create.

13 January 2017

Kismet - 2017 Predictions and Goals

2017 Predictions and Goals

World Predictions
a. Coldest Day Recorded
b. 8+ Earthquake
c. Major Leadership Change
d. Very Strange Event
e. Food Prices Spike
f. Bitcoins or similar huge Price Spike


North America Predictions
a. Flooding {Major non Coastal}
b. Major Internet Outage {1+ Million}
c. East Coast Hurricane {NY-VA}
d. Crazy East Coast Snow Storm
e. American Invention Announced {Something Cool}
f. Another Standoff (Like Standing Rock or Malheur)


My Reality
a. Slower Quieter Year
b. Return of Good Days
c. a New Friend
d. Lot’s of Planning
e. Something Crazy affecting WV and/or VA


My Reality (Goals)
  • a. Buy a Canoe (Take 11)
    b. Finish Paperwork for NonProfit
    c. Write a book
    d. Study more Herbalist info
    e. Visit the Ocean