Mavis Manor 2008 Blog of the New Years

Hello Friends,
   Let me quickly introduce myself to anyone who doesnt know who I am. My name is Justyn, I'm the Innkeeper at Mavis Manor. Mavis Manor is going to be my parents' retirement business, but until my father retires, I'm running the show. I built this business from scratch. I moved here in August of 2005. This 1890s Queen Anne Victorian Manor needed a lot of TLC. After about a year of hard work, lots of help from my family, a few tears, and enough of my blood, Mavis Manor was ready to open.

   Every day I learn something new. The last 2 and 1/2 years have been a ride. I'm glad you found me. I hope you stay and enjoy the ride with me!


-Sir Justyn Baron of Mavis