Books of the Trade

Hey Friends,
Many of you out there may want to know what it takes to be your own Innkeeper. In this week's blog I will tell you all about the books I started with.

Book 1: So You Want to Be an Inn Keeper

I like this book for a lot of reasons. First, it is the most complete book about Innkeeping I have ever read, and I still use this book today. There are parts to this book you will continue to look back on.

Book 2: Upstart Guide Owning & Managing a Bed & Breakfast

Another really good book to get ideas from. Worth checking out.

Book 3: Opening and Operating a Bed & Breakfast in the 21st Century

This is the first book I've seen in the B&B guides to talk about the importance of Online Marketing, web design and placement!!

---- About the Manor ----

I hope that helps some of you out. Now, to some of the stuff that most of you want to know...

The weather at the Manor has been pretty warm this week. It got up into the 50s. Not good for skiing, though the slopes are open. Well, at least 90% of them are. I'm looking forward to a busy ski season. See you next time.


Sir Justyn Baron of Mavis