Day at the Manor ( of a Inn Keeper)

Weather has been a little warmer then expected. which drives business down a little bit. No worries though,, that just means I get to work on different kinds of projects. See as an Innkeeper it's hard to plan your week in advance. You need to have flexible plans. Some days I get to work on improving the website. Other days I need to design my landscaping for the spring. If guests are coming, I call those days "Hurricane of Cleanliness," meaning I go around and make sure all the room are clean and in tiptop shape. You'd think that if you cleaned a room 4 days ago, and no one has been in it, it stays clean. Nope! Dust creeps in and then you're dusting again. Plus, there are the general traffic areas. These need to be extra clean. Why? Because these are the areas most used by guests. BRB, phone is ringing.... See, just what I was talking about - I wasn't expecting any guests and now I am!

I hope everything is well with everyone. Till next time!


Sir Justyn Baron of Mavis