Dreams - Seeing old Friends


I was visiting an old friend at their house. I don't know what the occasion was, but I was in town, which was a rare event. Most of the dream was just idle chit chat, she invited a few people we use to know back in the day, and I was playing with her kids. One was 7 or 8 and the youngest was 18 months or 2. It was nice catching up with everyone. We all chit chatted and told them about my hospitality business and the inns I owned. We chatted about my circus of a social life. For a gift they gave me a universal remote and a remote headset. Telling me they hoped it helped with my business. It was a nice sunny day and we all went outside and there was a swing in a Weeping willow tree. The best part of the dream was the way it felt, it was a very comfortable warm dream. Thinking about it now it makes me feel warm and nice inside. I'd love to have dreams like that more often.

-JJ Ryvers