’8 - Week One

'8 Week One

Ok, so I make the New Years resolution to journal more often. So my goal is once a week at the least so that is where I'll starts.

Early Week 10-20s Snowy Midweek 50s Cloudy End of Week 50s Cloudy

None, but a few phone calls. I found a cool new picture of my house. I've also been thinking about where I'm going next. Maybe Alabama or Mississippi, or even South Carolina. But, that is still a few years down the way. A lot can change.

Boy have I had some strange dreams. A lot dealing with going to someplace that in a swamp or bayou. It's very odd really. Mostly summer dreams. Not sure what they mean. But, I will try to address these dreams in another post.

I was sick the 1st of Jan, but I'm perfectly fine now. I'm going to guess that most of the sickness dealt with drinking to much Navy Rum! Lol. I guess it will do that to you. My energy levels are 3 or 4 but normally low for this time of year, when I cant really go play outside. Gabi has been sick for 3 days, but nothing to terrible.

I haven't really noticed anything that is grabbing my attention in the world at current. Ron Paul is still who I want to vote for. The earthquake list is pretty low. So, I guess a big one will hit in the next month. And we just start Solar Cycle 24. Weather has been crazy out west lots of snow.

Personal life:
I can't complain. Things have been going pretty good. I got to see some of my friends. I haven't made any new friends for this year yet, but come on it's only 7 days in. LOL. I think I'm going to be building a new site by April, but I have to see how much energy I'm going to have by then. Building a new site takes up so much time, and I'm so so happy with the one I have right now. I'd like more nature pictures, and less fluff, but sometime we just have to settle with what we have until we have more time to work on greater things. Most everyone likes my current site so, I guess I shouldn't worry to much. My mom thinks it needs improving, but that's moms for you. General Mood for the week. Emo.


Till next week guys!!!

- Baron J. J. Marchese