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Lies big fat lies

I first heard of "Climate Change" in first grade. In 1987, I was told that Acid Rain was going to destroy all the trees, and by the time I was 40 ALL the tree would be gone or very rare. So, I learned about recycling and started doing things I had control over, planed trees, and such. Then in the early 90s I was told the Ozone hole was getting bigger and by 2010 we wouldn't be able to go outside without skin protection. So, again I took more steps in adjusting my life to deal with this. In the late 90s I was told that ocean levels would rise, so, I didn't move the the coast, I entered college with the idea of educating folks on how to combat Global Warming. In the early 2000s, I was told the planet is going to get so hot that millions of people will die, hurricane will destroy the coastland, farmland will be unuseable Dust Bowl 2.0, the ice cap were going to melt by 2020. So again I made choices in my life to do my part. -- Today, hear all the same fear porn. I refle…

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