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Happy White Rabbit Reset Day

:: Thousands of years from now cultural anthropologists will ponder about our culture: What happened After the 'Great Reset of the 21st Century'. They believe they found a culture that worships multicolored egg laying transgender white rabbits, which died with COVID, three days later turned into a zombie and hopped back to life. The culture has a tradition of hiding multi coloured egged shaped broken pieces of plastics for the children to fight over as adults inject themselves with pure DNA, chant the mantra “April will not divide us, Never Again, and Making something Great Again”,all while practicing social distancing, and exchanging cards with dates and random numbers. Exclaiming “we can now go on vacation again” In honor of #WhiteRabbitsMatter, The culture also made candy versions of rabbits, in black, white, mixed, and spray on orange, to remember the forgotten leaders. Adult and children alike create signs with random phrases and meme. They also pretend to demand cha

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