Dreams: Ain't Love Grand

Ain’t Love Grand
Current mood: Dreamy

Dreams do weird things to our waking reality. A sleeping dream opens the mind to a brand new area of untapped possibility. This is the power of dreams.

It was this very morning that the feeling hit me. After a long night of strange and crazy dreams the feeling of that perfect girl was there.

Dreams of Tornados in the city as I go Treasure Hunting with friends in the New and Improved Akron Zoo. Taking a college class where I'm late getting to class because I want to spend that extra time with that special girl. But, not a normal class it's a class on Reading Minds, and building Puzzles. It's a dream of digging up the Civil War cannon that is on top of my Mountain.

The perfect girl, she will want to dance to all the sappy songs on the radio, and no matter how busy we are I will want to as well. She will be of high energy, positive, looking forward to each day, not because it could be the last, but just because everyday is a wonderful day. She will ground me in my dreaming, not telling me they are unachievable, but damper the excitement just enough so the goals are obtainable. She will drive my friends crazy the way I drive them crazy. We will be a perfect team, but also have our own unique qualities that everyone loves in their own special ways. She will know how to build me up, and tear me down when the emotional highs and lows are called for. She will be like that perfect aged wine choice, with a fabulous dinner. They are both great, but together something rare for the pallid.

Here is my fear, my fear is I'll be blinded by something else in life and miss her. Fate can only take you so much of the way, love needs to kick in and take you the rest. She is out there; I can feel it in my bones. She's the reason I know I will be ok, I just wonder where she is, who she is, have I seen her, or is some strange twist going to bring us together. Will meeting her add a story to my life's fable?

I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic in love with the idea of true love. In love with the thoughts that someone could really be perfect for me, in love with every one of my dreams.

Ain't Love Grand