Aevum: "Heat" or Spring Fever

I've noticed the subtle differences in me lately. I'm hoping it's one of two reasons. One of them being spring. If you've talked with me, hung out with me or really read anything I've written in the last few days you might have noticed the playful cockiness. I think this is just the beginning, cross your finger and hope it is just spring fever. Now, I bet so many of you are totally lost. What the hell is Justyn saying is this Justyn talk again. Well, it is but it isn't. Let me start from the beginning.

A lot of you know how if you're of the female persuasion it's a terrible idea to hang out with me around the full moon. Some of you might not have known this, but think about it, I bet I avoided you around the full moon. So, why do I avoid cute girls around a full moon? Cause I want to fuck you, that's why… no need to be coy here. You all know me well enough and if you don't well now you know me a little better. Back to the point. Once sometimes, twice a year, for an undisclosed amount of time, the Full Moon syndrome hits me. I mean like a pile of trucks that are hauling loads of bricks. If on a full moon my horny level is 10, then when I'm in "Heat", which is what I call it. It's at like 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 how ever the fuck that much is.

So, I'm fearful that I'm about to go into "Heat" again. I only went into "Heat" last year once, and it was only for a few days, but I think that it was due to being in a new location. In the past it's lasted from a few days till an entire month… lets hope for my sake it's a few days. Why tell you this. Many reasons. If I avoid you, if I try to convince you to sleep with me, if I go totally insane and start running around whispering sweet nothing into the night air… I'm also writing it to just write it down. People in the past wanted to know the stuff I think about… here it is. Crazy right… Fuck you! Hehe maybe I will…

Let's just hope it's one of the 2 things I talked about in the first paragraph. Wish me luck. And I'll keep you updated