Aevum: The Art of being single

The Art of being single

Its evening like last night that remind me to my core how being single really feels. It was the first nice night of the year. Which meant its time to remind me how alone I really am. I mean don't get me wrong I would never make the choice to move down here a different one. I would do it again and again. It just going on 2 years since I was in a relationship. Part of that is due to me trying to get over my heart being broken, but it is also due to lack of datable girls. See I'm totally not understood here. Not that I was ever really understood anywhere… It's funny I never would have guessed I was a loner. These past 2 years have taught me different.

So what do I do about this? Do I change who I'm? or do I just wait… I believe the right answer for me is waiting. I know, and I'm happy with who I'm. I was just born in the wrong time, and in the wrong place… Nice guys really do finish last… I just hope that it's true that they do finish. We will have to see. Life is about the adventure, and mine is truly a fantastic adventure.

Sometime I think I'm just too sappy for my own good. Like does a girl who enjoys dancing on the mountaintops really exist? Maybe I'm more of a girly then most of the girls I know. If girls are looking for their prince charming, I'm looking for my beautiful princess. Someone who wanted to truly be with me. So be life I guess.

I guess, when I say I stand out in a crowd I guess I do more then I ever thought, I'm a guy who isn't just looking for sex, who doesn't like one night stands, who wants to make love, instead of fuck… who wants to be looked at as a person, not some sexual being. Someone with real morals, not these shake and bake Christian morals that so many seem to pretend to have… I see the importance of right and wrong, and know the difference, and how the same action can be wrong and right depending on the person and the situation… I guess only time will tell. I guess I'm writing all of this to remind myself that I'd doing the right thing… What do you think? I'm?

Whispering these words into the wind. I ask you to bid me good luck, and see that my path leads me to ones that desire my company. This is what I ask you, as my friends to do for me. Can you live up to the challenge? I will see you on the flip side, till that fateful day. "The sweet isn't as sweet without the sour"