Ok, Party Kyds,

in the quest to find that future exgirlfriend I joined Hree is my new and improved profile.

Are you the type of girl that is looking for the little notes left on your car when you go to work, or the flower delivered to you just because it’s Tuesday, that’s not me keep looking. Seeking that perfect balance of mischief, mystery, adventure and great conversationalist? .

I have tendency to stand out in a crowd. My friends say I’m a social butterfly. Though, I prefer to keep my circle of friends a bit small; however if you’re an exceptional woman and we are perhaps compatible, then I would love to meet you. I’ve tried to cram my image into that cookie cutter form, alas not possible, my mother let me coloured outside of the lines when I was young. I’m passionate about my ventures in life. I’m high energy, unpredictable, and my fashion is versatile, from black and white tie affairs to jeans and a hoodie. I’m never bored! An out of the box thinker, who likes to run with scissors. Everyone turns to when times are tough. Goofy, silly with piercing blue eyes. I love the outdoors. Summer or Winter. The smell of the Autumn leaves is my favorite though.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the past and future we miss the here and now. Many years at University, and a few good books later, I adopted the Philosophy "simple joys yield great pleasures”. Simple things like catching a glimpse of a shooting star, that perfect dance where it is as if your dancing on the clouds, or admiring the architectural beauty of some great designer.

Are you:
Do you have the hunger for new knowledge; tolerant and patient of different viewpoints?
Warm summer evening, we may be sipping red wine, sitting on the porch deep in conversation. You are someone who likes to play outside and get a little dirty. Looking to be loved for who you are not what you’re wearing. A sweet nice woman, with that playful bad girl streak. Seeking a lover, a friend, who really listens, someone you can open up to? Are most boys you date low-key, and low energy. Do you want more then just TV dinners and warm beer? If this sounds like you, I’m your adventure waiting around the bend. Email me, what are you waiting for?

If this isn't you, don't waste my time

let the research begin!