Aevum: "Heat" or Spring Fever update

So, about my going into Heat post. I think it's safe to say that I'm not going into heat. I think that my feeling of this craziness inside me is a mix of spring fever and falling into like. Fall into like is completely difference then love, I'm always in Love. I'm in Love with the idea of love, I'm in love with the trees, and I'm in love with my mountain. Falling into like is that feeling we had when we were middle school, when you have a crush on a stranger, it's not important where it leads, but the felling is everything. I so love all the feeling of being alive. I'm thankful of all the sensations we will. Those sexual chemical that course through our bodies are so… so undesirable!

Having this deep of a connection with spring and nature is so wonderful… lucky me!

Remember to stop and smell the flower