Satori - Following your heart = Trouble. Trouble = Good

Following your heart, will only lead you into trouble.
Some of the best things come out of trouble

Chapter 1.6
6.6.7 1100 JST

Waking up wanting to save the world… lately I've been on this kick to "save the world" I have no idea what I want to save this world from, but I just have this strange feeling inside. I know it's more of something because I think about it so much it has made its way into jokes, into my writings and into my dreams. How do you save people that don't want to be saved? ???

I guess this is why I'm glad I'm a reincarnationsist. The lesson learned in this life will enlighten them for their next. It still makes me sad though. If we could just understand that we aren't only destroying everything for our children, but also for our future lives. Would we change our actions? I guess the main problem is too many people are set in their ways, and enlightenment of any kind is something that could shatter their illusion on everything. This act of shattering an illusion would only harm some, so there I'm back on my quest to save the world but find that sensitive balance.

A connection with another soul is special. Something that many take for granted. Many out there thinks their own thoughts about how I live my gift of life that I was given, some say I live it in the wrong direction, other may only think to themselves of how I seem to surround myself with loneliness. I'm saddened by the fact that I can never true communication with you on a level where we will be able to understand each other. But, the life style, actions, and lack of actions is my choice, all my choice, and I regret nothing. I have loved on a level that most people will never understand, and I have not been lucky enough to love only once I have loved many times. I'm sad that I will have friends that will never understand love at this grand level.

I have another very important philosophy in life. Enjoy the moments when you're in them. Many of us punish ourselves, and think it better if we keep the joys out of our life. Certain joy need a little time to stir in the pot and get better, but some joys are meant to served cold. Enjoyed at the very moment they are discovered. Some joys even get better and last longer once they are enjoyed and not suppressed.

Let me explain it this way. We plant an Iris. Iris' have a bulb that needs to be carefully planted. Sometime though we discover them growing else where. Once, the plant begins to grow, we watch it and wonder how beautiful it will be this year. If we pick it too soon, we can enjoy it loveliness, and it will last for weeks. If we just let it go and wilt and die. We also enjoyed it, but maybe not on the same level. There is also the chance that if we don't pick it and enjoy it, a storm or strong winds will destroy its beauty. So we must choice the proper time to pick this flower. If we take care of the ground that is holding this Iris, then it will come back to us next year, and again we will be able to enjoy this blossom again. Over time, more and more blooms will appear.

Can you love more then once? Yes, honestly, I try to live my life always being in love. Yes, my heart is held together with superglue, and it has lots of sunshine shinning through the cracks, but it is a well used heart; it still has plenty of room for the entire world. Love hurt, Love heals, and Love hides nothing. So, why would I ever try to live life without the filling of love burning inside…

End of Chapter One Point Six