Dream - High School Murder Spree

I was in some high school, I didn't really know where its was at, school was coming to the end and I was searching for someone, they told me I had to go to the stadium to find them...
So I headed off that way and ran into some girl, she told me where to find my friend but had to tag along.
Cloudy... don't remember this part, all I know is we talked as we walked and it seemed like the stadium was miles away
Now, I'm behind a school. and these "bad guys" start pulling gun on everyone and shooting people. They walk up to me, pull a gun on me, and I pick up a stick and hit the guy on the side of the head. Three other guys see what is going on and come running over, thinking it would be funnier to just beat me up they all put their guns away. Before they attack me ask why I didn't run like everyone else
I tell them there is no way in hell im letting some asshole shoot me in the back, plus someone has got to stop them. They laugh and I bloody the one guy's lips with the stick. He gets pissed and tells me it wasn't fair
I tell them 3 to 1 isn't far, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try. I somehow fight the 3 of them off, injury two of them, and the third guy goes over to his leader and explains the situation, the leader walked over, and shoot me in the knee, I bite the guy's nose off and begin yelling. About how you can mess me with me but not my friends
I blackout at some point in my crazy rage, when I wake up its dusk, and I make my way to the gym, in the gym I run into the girl I met earlier in the day, she is barely alive, from what it looks like she was raped them beat up really really bad before shot in the chest. I sit there with her, as she dies. Telling her it was nice getting to meet her, and hopefully in the next life we can be friends.
She dies. and I'm pissed again, blood is all over my body, I'm angry and crying, and my knee hurts like hell. I go to a few other rooms of the school and see more dieing people. I call 911, but they tell me they can't come... I get a cup of coffee and climb to the roof of the school and watch the sunset