Manor - Another Hard Days Night

Hey kyds I did this when I first moved to the manor, so I guess it would be a smart thing to continue doing it. For those who talk to me via phone this will sound like the very same stuff I talk about everyday, to the rest of you. Welcome, enjoy my world.

A day at the Manor:
I woke this morning, I did let myself sleep in a little bit. Which means I didn't get up till like 9.30. I had my nice warm and yummy cup of cowboy coffee. Which I normally can only make when it's just me, cause most people don't like cowboy coffee. Whipped out my day planner, and figured out what needed to be finished for the day. Next, Wednesday a friend wanted to hang out most of the day, so I need to get ahead so I will be able to have some free time. At the moment, no one is booked for next Wednesday so it looks like I will be able to have my fun adventure.

10.00 After my coffee I started mowing my first hole of my disc golf course. This normally takes way longer then I like, and since my headphones are currently broken it felt even longer… AHHH!!!

11.00 Stop to have Brunch. A yummy Herbalife Shake with Raspberries and Strawberries! Mmm…. And some more Cowboy coffee, then back to mowing.

12.00 Took a break from mowing and started to clean out my car. Another thing on my list. Halfway through this my damn ADD kicked in and I wondered around for a bit trying to think of something to get my mind off of all the work I need to get finished.

13.00 Back to mowing. Mowing Mowing Mowing…. Ahh!!!

14.00 Took another break from mowing and back to working on my car. I think I got it cleaned out pretty well. One of these days I really need to wash it.

15.00 Some trim mowing in the front yard. And a tad bit of slacking….

17.00 I needed a break so I got some water, made another yummy shake, and sat on the porch and drew for a little while.

17.30 Back to mowing…

19.00 Finished mowing for today!! Now, I thought I'd come in and do some work on my website, and update some things.

Ok, here is a strange side note I wanted to add. Lately, I've just been getting extremely overwhelmed by the amount of crap I need and want to do… It would be so nice, if I had someone here to help me. I mean I find a way to get everything done, but boy would my life be so much easier and a little more enjoyable if I had someone around to help… Like today, I could have been a little more productive, but this silly overwhelming feeling just kept hitting me. Lucky, I have things to inspire to me to keep going forward. It will all be ok. I guess that feeling of wanting someone to share things with, is just my age, and me being me, not liking being alone all the time. I will get through it though. I don't have a choice I have too. ?

Well that is the blog for today. If I decide to cont these you will see more!!


- J J