Dream - Tynin and Hadrian

Dream - Tynin and Hadrian

The dream began with filming a movie. If was a kinda like a cheese lifetime movie or something. It was a love story about distance lovers who had to overcome almost everything you can imagine being together. I was the director. Tynin was playing the lead role. Where getting close to the end of the movie, and talking about the love/sex scene and how to handle it. Tynin tells me she wants to do it. I tell her I can figure out ways to make it look like one thing, and she doesn't have to do other things. She then tells me she wants to lose her virginity on scene during the movie. Totally Shock, I ask her why? She tell me this long and draw out story about love, and the magic of capturing something on film forever Yeah, if I could remember more of her reason I would write it down, I was just still more shocked then ever. Still unsure If I was going to grant her this request, I thought I should at least ask her about what is the ideal perfect situation. After translating her female thoughts into do able work, I started crafting the scene

To buy a little time I decided to do some of the filming in an old factory around. It was a factory that made factory parts. It hadn't been running for years, so we had to get a few people that knew how to set things up, and get the steam and smoke, and machiny sounds going. We joke around about how it weird to have a factory that makes factory parts, and I guess for it to go out of business is strange too. We filmed a few scenes in this building and where ready for the love scene. So I talked to Tynin and asked her if she was really sure she wanted to go through with this. She said she was excited. Again I still wasn't sure if it was the best idea. But, I crafted a scene.

The scene goes like this. The lovers are on the run they are so deeply in love they want to be together forever, but knowing that it isn't possible, but still want to strive for it. While in a small town they find this old tiny church. Tynin and Hadrian walked into the church, down the isles of benches, up to the cross with Jesus on it, and prayed. They then both stood up, and held each other hands, Hadrian took a piece of twine out of his pouch and began to wrap I around Tynin ring finger. "With this ring I do wed" Tyler now completely in tears, took the twine, and wrapped it around Hadrian's finger and said "with this ring I do wed" Both saying, "Forever I Do" and kissed. A nosy came from outside the church, so they ran out the back. Ran into the woods. Deep into the woods. In the woods they found this old cabin. It wasn't been used in years, but still had a bed, and dusty old books. Hadrian started a fire, and Tynin when through her bag, and pulled out some packaged food to make dinner. Hadrian lights a candle and they sit down together and have dinner. After dinner, they lie around the fire, and talk about the future. Hadrian holds Tynin in his strong arms, and runs his finger down her cheek. Tynin, is chilled with anticipation, and love. Her eyes sparkle under the fire light. They embrace. Slowly they began to explore all the nooks of each other body. Hadrian kisses down Tynin's neck to her chest. His strong calisted hand run up her smooth silky legs. He unbuttons her shirt, and lays his ear to her chest. He looks up at Tynin, telling her he loves to hear her heart beat. She runs his fingers through his wave course hair. Hadrian's kiss return. This time over the breast, paying special attention to details. His kisses adventure farther now. To the belly. His strong arms still hold Tynin, he unbuttons her jeans. Tynin's mind is racing with a whirlwind of thoughts. She so loves this man. Tynin, now just in panties Hadrian returns his attention to her lips. Kissing her feeling the sparks of excitement electrify their passion. Tynin's hand creep down Tynin's sweaty chest. Feeling the contours of his abs. Now to his jean, wanting, desiring to discover the hidden secret being held back. Unbuttoning his jeans, she find what's she is looking for. Her kisses because more distracted, her heart races. Her entire body is now tingling. The excitement is gripping her, and she is euphoric. She whispers into Hadrian's ear, I want you inside of me. NOW! Like a flash of blissful craze Hadrian and Tynin are both complete naked, Hadrian top of Tynin, looking her deeply in the eyes, as he parts the female blossom. Tynin's mind explodes. Fireworks of joy and a feeling of pleasure she has never know before. Wanting more, wanting this to never stop, feeling truly connected with her lover, together they are one being physically joined at the hip. Not a greater connection could ever been know to her. Hours go by; they discover all that is possiblities two bodies can achieve. Tynin with a smile on her face, and a level of contempt only a few know falls asleep in Hadrian's arms. The sun is now coming up, and Hadrian knows that if he stays with Tynin, death will surely be brought to her. He dresses, kisses her for a last time and write a letter and leaves in on the desk. The letter read.

"I know I'm not an honorable man, but the Lord has blessed me with a glimpse of heaven. I love you Tynin with every ounce of my being. I'm grateful that we were able to have this, our own wedding night together. Forgive my many faults, and the many pains I have caused you. How thoughtless and foolish I have oftentimes been! I took you from a world of wonderment and beauty. How gladly I would wash out every spot of misfortune with my very tears and shield you from harm. But I cannot. I must watch you from the afar. The sadness I will bring to you when you awake is unbearable. I shall always be near you; in the warmth of the day and in the darkest of night -- always, always. May the happiness you bring me, be with me a life time, and if life is a cycle my next life, I will spend seeking you out. Your love is a beacon for me. Oh Tynin, know that I will always love you. When you close your eyes dream of me, when the warm summer breeze hits your face fill as if it was my hand touch your soft skin. Never forget how much I love you, and when my last breath escapes it will whisper your name."

1 week later Hadrian is killed during a chase with the feds. Tynin returns to her life of the wealth upper-class, but never marries. Her heart belongs to Hadrian.

and Tynin... well she was happy with how i crafted the scene