Aevum - Weekly Adventures

To everyone that may or may not know I start my weeks on Wednesday. Weird I know, but that is what I do. So, let me explain my crazy week so far. First I went down to NC to visit a friend. Helped her with some yard work, and was all cosmopolitan. I came home of Friday, I also found out that during my adventures in the NC I got Poison Ivy… ah yuck! But, the trip was a blast so honestly it was well worth it.
Friday friends were coming into town for a visit. It was grand fun. I love playing with their kids. We went hiking and such. It was a blast playing with them. Sunday morning during a shower I found a tick! I hate ticks; luckily I think they hate me to cause he was just chilling and not burrowing into my skin. So, now to Monday. Last night while I was sleep I broke my light fixture. Had to get up and pick up the glass. Well, this morning I woke up and bam cut the top of my head and started bleeding everywhere. Yuck! And it hurt very badly. I somehow made it to the bathroom, and cleaned off my head to see if I had any glass in it. Then, between almost passing out I walked next door to ask my Kerry if she could look at it to see if there was glass in it. Luckily it was all out. Yuck! I hate blood. At least my own. I got some other friends to look at it and get it all fixed up!

So, with 2 more days. What else can go wrong… ah!!!


Wednesday: NC Trip Good and Fun!
Thursday: Yard Work, Cosmopolitan, French Movie
Friday: Drive Home, Friends
Saturday: Play with Freinds Hiking ( Poison Ivy Kicks in)
Sunday: Friends, Cleaning (Poison Ivy)
Monday: Broken Light, Cut Head Bleeding everywhere... Yuck!