Fate has a way of Adding more Drama

Ok Party People, Another installment of the mind of Justyn.

Im trying to figure out what fate is telling me. Sometimes u think the world is met to go one way, and then another. I believe in signs. Markers in places to help keep u on the right track. The problem is right now, I dont understand the signals. Every time I feel Im ready to close the chapter on a past relationship she pops back in with just enough drama to keep me from closing the book. Then like clock work, songs, emotions, sign appear out of nowhere reminding me of her. AHHHLike today. I on my quest to move on took the sign of not remembering what day her birthday was as a sign that I was forgettening about her, and she was just going to be in the past. I searched long and hard to try and find that date. But I never could. So this morning I just said Ah forget it. Then low and behold she calls me crying about her horrible day, and needed me to cheer her up. It has been 3 weeks since I talked with her, now I get a phone call when Im really to throw in the towel. Its almost like she can read my mind. I havent seen her in a year, but she know the very day the last time we saw each other. We can be as different as night and day. But So that was sign one today. Sign 2. I was watching a movie, and the song that we called our song came on. I listened to the words completely this time, and wow they didnt make since way back when, but they do now? How is that possible. Why Cant I is the song. Then, in the credits of the movie her Nickname I gave her. Allgra was the first fucking name on the credits list, before the actors and such!!! Sign,Sign,Sign, oh yeah I forgot about pre-sign one. It involved a conversion with a friend about relationship, and I brought her up as an example OK, party ppl what does this mean What should I do? Im at a lose here. Im 400 miles away and still the I Love You, I Hate You, I Love You still fits. I need random peoples advice please

dispense it now!!