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Ok, party ppl here is the 411 on my Harrisonburg/Richmond adventure. It begins like any other typical day here on the manor. I was doing yard work and planting trees. I took a drive up the mountain got stuck for about 10 mins. I had to dig like a million feet into the earth to uncover my driver side tire. It wasnt just mud, oh no it was the swamp black mud. You know the kind. Finally, after I freed myself, I finished my adventure to the summit of the mountain. This is where this story really begins.

So, Im driving back down the mountain, collection some this and thats when my cell rings. Its Krogers Girl Kat. Shes asking me if I want to drive her to Richmond so she can get her birth certificate. Being that my writer guest got sick and was unable to make it I thought what the hell. Now, my friends I did think twice about going, not because Im not the day tripper, not because of Kat, oh no. I just wasnt sure about time factors.

See I didnt know if I felt like drive a million hours in the car to visit the old capital of the south. I think Ive only ever driven through this Mecca to the confederacy. So, on the grand adventure I left

Leaving late meant we arrive in Harrisonburg late, around 1 a.m.ish. Sleep for a bit, then around 9am began our adventure to Richmond. Drove there nothing fab to explain, waiting in line blah blah, ate out at a little Mexican Dive on the main drag, cruised the Downtown, and jumped back on the pressway.

During out pressway adventure we stopped at Good old Jeffersons house, or at least his hometown. Check out the sites, and jumped back on the road. HIT the craziest rain Id ever seen driving. Made it back to good old Flat Top by 8pm This is where M-day weekend story begins Just wait my friends