Pre 6.6.6


The day is upon us. Tuesday the Sixth Day, of the Sixth Month of the Six year of two thousand. This will not just be any gathering. No, a gathering like this hasnt been seen since the likes of 1999.

Lygophillias Apocalypse

Where is this gathering being held you might ask? On the Hollow ground of Mavis Manor. In the small hamlet of Flat Top,WV. Why here? This place has the safest balance.

This my friends is another one of the infamous Gloom and Doom parties thrown by Sir Justyn, the Baron of Mavis. Expect the unexpected. Will I see you there? Will I ever see you again? Do you dare miss this? I think not!

Need direction or contact info. If you dont know, you dont go!

See you on 6.6.6

You Have Been Warned