My Life as Tragic Love Stories

Ive often wondered why I love the tragic Love stories. Those bitter sweet endings, the memories that burn the brightest in our memories, only tragic love can out shine the light of the sun. Tragedy is the single most important event in our lives. I crave these moment seek them out even. Is this wrong of me? Is it a sick twisted life I lead? Or Im I just being real with myself. Tragic love is life. Nothing has happy ending, just moments, moment of blissful joy, which will one day fade. These gems, which will never been forgot will be possible over shadowed. I realized for my love of these tragic moments, I also fear them. This may be the reason Im so drawn to them seek out this drama of the hearts.

I have much more to say on this topic, but at this hour I must stop. My damp eyes hurt with the dull salty pain of tears. This makes it hard to remember the sweet words I strive to speak out. The endless throbbing of my heart beat loudly in my ears reminding me of everything Ive give up out of foolishness. In the coming nights, I will awake from this deep emotional slumber, I now see myself in, and continue my epic tale of tragic love.