The Fish and Skype

Hey guys,
A lot of you have been bugging me about my fishes. I told you back in Jan. I purchased 24 “feeder” guppies. They were anything but feeder guppies. Most were nice Mollies. 2 or 3 were black and white mollies. So, now it has been a month. I counted today and there are 11 still alive. That is a great return for fish that were .20. I even think there are a few babies in there.

I was thinking about setting up a webcam for the tank. What do you think? When I get around to doing this I will email you with the links.

Now, to Skype. If any of you out there in Internet land have Skype 304.460.0137 is my new Skype phone number… So, for you out there who don’t know what Skype is, it’s a Voice over IP and a IMer built into one. It’s a super cool idea. Ring me sometime if you want to try it out…

Till next time!

- Sir Justyn


Anonymous said…
Skype is pretty versatile. It's unfortunate that there are still a few countries in which it is restricted from being used. However, where Skype is available, people are certainly able to keep in touch easily with it.