Easter Bunny Drink

Goblet of Disorder
Duchess Trista, Justyn the Baron, Courtny, Major Justin, and the Joopinater planned a typical adventure to the movies. After, a long and hard OSU game watching:which OSU won in the last 34 seconds: the band of merry people and their token black girl drove the many miles to the Fields of Blue to the cinema. At the cinema is when the problems began. With only two people in line Mr. theatre took is merry old time, and I mean merry. It only took 25 minutes to finally help us. Once we got this golden tickets for the triwizard tournament we send the joopinater in for recon to find out, that alas, the cinema was full. After, some grrs and angry faces we were given back our money... We left the Fields of Blue to try the little village of Beckley. This time thinking ahead we purchased tickets for 10pm. This left us hours to adventure around. After a lovely meal we took our chances at the Local hang out spot. Crossroads Mall. We were shocked this must be a high school. Children everywhere without an adult in site. We did our senior lap of this mall, looked at some camo onezies, and decided to take our chances back at the cinema. This movie was worth the trouble, long and longer then long, it was still able to keep the attention of us the 5 A.D.H.D young adult. Then it was back home to the Manor in Flat Top for sleep and maybe a few hours of Felicity.

Drink of the Week!
Easter Bunny

.5 Shot 100 proof Hot Damn
1 Shot Irish Cream
1 Shot Butternip

Damn fine drink!