Flat Top News

Friends, Romans, ahh all the other ppls of the world,
I just wanted to drop a post and say hi to everyone. Its a gray day here in Flat Top. Which is sad cause yesterday it was wonderful. We even found a valley that was warmer then the rest. Longer story....

In Flat Top news, it looks as though the Flat Top Tower area is being over taken by conspiracy government ppl. Light on a night, dishes, red and white truck. Aliens? Hmm... we will have to see. Another siteing of the Midnight Mower. Winterplace, it taking about controling the snow making machine this winter... hmm.. maybe it will snow on xmas. The Manor is in good working order. The gray cat was spottted again in the victorian princess room, chilling out on the bed. Purring can be heard through out the house.

Thanks you for ur support of Flat Top News. till ... well there is enough news to report.