Hazmat v, Marpat

-Today in Flat Top News

Hazmat v, Marpat

It's the great debate today. Which is safer; wearing a Hazmat suit or wearing a Marpat Camo outfit. This is the current debate running through the small community of Flat Top. (Ok maybe just mavis manor, but with 3 of us talking about makes it still the biggest new in town at this time.) Duchess Trista who believe her Hazmat Suit will pretect her from the Biocarpet bombs made by the the Talibanits. While Baron Justyn believe that his USMC Marpat Camo suit will give him superpower to protect the world of Flat Top from the evil grip of Cobra Commander. Country being netural on this subject thinks that The Duchess and The Baron are both a little crazy. We will just have to see where this story leads.

High - Colder then Yesterday Low - Water will Freeze
Todays Forecast: It's another cloudless sky. Great for a little treasure hunting. A breeze is coming off the mountain as normal. If you plan to sunbath today wear some sunscreen.
Tonights Forecast: It will be to cold to watch the movies on the porch again tonight. Blankets will not do. This will have to be another indoor movie night.

Harry Potter comes out tomorrow. This looks like its going to be the best of all so far. Look for the Flat Top gang wear their strange outfits tomorrow