The Cereal Bowl Series - The Party

I as well as my lib brothers and sisters ( not the marrying each other kind) strongly believe in absolute individual freedom so long as that freedom does not infringe on the individual freedoms of others. And this I will stick to. I will not let big money buy my votes. So here are my words!

I’m not aliquant with words, and most of the time I would rather get my message out then to proof read the entire article. Laziness, excitement and willingness to put myself on the line. These are the positive and negative traits I proudly display like a large flowerily hat worn on a crisp Monday morning in the middle of some god forsaken town, lost… Lost is the point of this message due to my rambling on.

I stand proudly with my bowl of Cereal, and while I do enjoy Shrimp, adding steak to the mix is just too far. I see that spending our tax payers’ hard earned money on almost attractive woman, who by the look of it  aren’t eating the Cereal or the steaks.

To quote a famous scholar "But you know what I've learned in my seven years here at Coolidge... Timmy? I've learned that you can't treat every situation as a life-and-death matter because you'll die a lot of times. Write that down.

And write that down I did, which leads me to my next important point. See politics is an extension of one’s soul. Look at the entire soulless congress member though out our great country I will not be that soulless, mindless, pussy whipped . I will not let greed ruin me NO, or any Heartless “I’ll be home in 5 minutes honey, Ooo the meatloaf is fine, not as good as my mom makes it, but still pretty good” spineless self loving jerks. NO I will fight for the right of the little people, and maybe midgets too, if their still allowed to reside in this country. See I’m a lady that will help usher in change, real change, that kind where everything stays the same, only different.

"Love is like a brick. You can build a house, or you can sink a dead body."

If you’ve got to this point in my message then, you are the type of person I like, if you’re one of those skimmers who always seem to comment on posts, but never really read the article, “You’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater."

I will leave you with this message.

“Ever since the revolution, we've been trying to show how it is possible to overcome frustration and impotence that comes from trying to reform this system. Kids know the lines are drawn: revolution is touching all of our lives. Tens of thousands have learned that protest and marches don't do it. Revolutionary violence is the only way.” -Bernardine Dohrn (Weather Underground)
-Cute Grl