Kenshō - 2016 Question 1# - Race, Breed, How to better understand our differences?!

Today I'm going to start a series that questions the hard subjects. The only rule is to limit your attacking of other people. You may question them to bring out more of their thoughts, but I prefer not to see straight up attacking. Since the questions will be down and dirt, most of them not allowed in general conversation if FB standards me again, I will also be duel posting this on a blog. I think it's time we stop hiding behind pretty words and talk about the realness.  

We know human are Homo Homo Sapiens. (unless you believe aliens live with us and you're thoughts are welcome in this conversation too.) We also know that skin tone, size, IQ, hair colour, bio adaptation etc, varies in humans. a.Should use a better term then race? In modern times, race can be confused with thinking some human traits are more desirable then other human traits. b. Should we classify humans in breeds? c. Should we not classify humans? If we don't classify wouldn't that be d. harmful for medical reason? e. In the 21st century why do you think some human traits, have it "better" then other human traits?societal construct; environment; adaptability.

I would like to hear what you have you have to say.