In the Stars - August Report

Welcome to your August forecast, your guide for the significant movements of the planets this month.

August starts off astrologically with very favorable Mercury aspects. First, Mercury trines powerful Pluto on August 3 making this an excellent time to sign contracts, sell ideas, confirm agreements and, to deepen your understanding of what is workable and what needs to be let go. Then, Mercury sextiles Venus on August 7, which keeps conversations from getting overly intense.

August 5 brings about a dramatic full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius. The full Moon is always an emotional high-tide time, and with the eclipse, feelings will be extra heightened -- expect drama! On August 10, Mars squares Saturn, and you may feel that all your efforts have hit a sudden stop. You’ll be ready to move forward again with Jupiter playing cheerleader for your plans when Mars trines Jupiter on August 13. On August 14, the Sun is opposite Jupiter, and this is a time for reflection. Are your plans working out? Are there new ideas that now seem viable? When Mars squares Uranus on August 14, it’s your signal to make whatever changes you think necessary to bring your plans to fruition.

The Lunar Nodes change signs next -- they move backwards through the zodiac and the north node moves from Aquarius into Capricorn, and the south node enters Cancer. This is big stuff! Advice for this transit: Get serious. Be brave. Work toward your goals. Instead of looking to others to take care of you, the north node in Capricorn means it's time to be an adult, step up and accept responsibility for both good and bad.

On August 22, the Sun moves from Leo to Virgo, and you're ready to focus your energy; you‘re eager to accomplish something. Happy Birthday to all Virgos!

However, the landscape changes and the environment heats up as Mars enters emotional Cancer and Mercury enters diplomatic Libra on August 25 and immediately square each other. Don't act on anything that doesn't feel right, but watch out for oversensitivity and a tendency to over react. Keep in mind that your words and actions carry a lot of weight right now, so think carefully before you tangle-up with anyone. We end the month with Venus entering Leo and forming a quincunx with Pluto on August 26, while Mercury squares Pluto and Mars opposes Pluto on the same day. This is a cosmic power struggle, so watch out for a war of words or actions when the issues of power and control arise. Try not to get embroiled in the rhetoric.