Waiting Patient for love ... <<>>

waking up wondering where you are, looking back at what you’ve just experienced and thinking hmm, boy life isn’t too bad. No I’m not talking about waking up after a drunken night not knows what her name was. I’m talking about waking up and knowing you’re alive. Looking at the world you just remember is out there, and knowing that you want to live in it. Explore what it has to offer, and find that co-pilot, the lover, someone who enjoy your company to experience the merry-go round with.

I know my direction; I also know my direction is not meant for everyone, it will take a lot to be a silver spoon lifestyle. Old Money, isn’t a luxury of mine, when I have fancy thing it will be caused by my brain power and a passion to be “Nuevo Riche”.

This may sound like a weakness to you strong willed minded readers. Life for me is missing the love story. I want my love story. Sometimes it makes me laugh, for all my ability to understand people, to learn what makes them tick, to be friend strangers; the mystery of love still haunts me. Why we do what we do for and not for love amaze me. Love is truly a human conduction.

So, here I’m patiently waiting and wondering when the next chapter of my love story will be written. Patients, that curse of the youth. I truly understand something, some people are worth waiting for. I just need the strength to wait, and the understanding that “she” is worth the wait.

Honestly, I’m going to play this hand out. Some say we only live once.If that is true, I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I’ve loved and lost, not loved at all, and I've been left with that taste of scorn in my mouth. Even if this girl only offers me a few good year, it should be one hell of a ride, and if I’m lucky a love that could set my soul on fire. So, yes I will wait; no expectation, no fast forward button, just sitting in the rocker watching her grown into the most beautiful experience I may ever see.