Perfect Day Lost

There are moments, sometimes nothing more then fleeting moment, but still moments. In these hours, minutes, seconds I desire something I can never have. I desire a closeness only reserved for those lucky enough to stumble on it. With the whisper of the breeze, its sweet song dancing on the amber waves of grass, the song is not heard but seen. Its during these patch work sky day. Its that tingle you get just before an early afternoon summer shower. Its everything about being in love. Its everything about having a person to share this paradise with. Its the sadness that comes when the perfect day is wasted. Perfect days are rarer then perfect nights. At night in its own right have a grander chance of perfection, a day, this day only happens when the stars are a lined, the minds are a lined, when the soul feels free. Sadly, like most perfect day in my life this one will fade always slowly. Why slowly? Slowly because its a reminder of what I lack in my life. It will remind me, beckon me to find that person to share these fleeting moments with, giving me the chance, calling out to me. But, Im sorry perfect day, Im sorry I will not be able to enjoy your paradise, Im alone. I may feel your sweet wind, taste you flavor, hear your whispers, and admire you beauty, but I must do all of this by myself.

Thank you day for giving me this chance, I will enjoy you in some distant future, but as for today, Shine brightly for all the other lovers out there needing this perfect day.

I bid you good morrow.