Another installment of wait just me bitching some more.

Friends, did you get the chance to stare at the moon this evening? Oh, if you didnt Im sorry it was wonderful! So, this was another perfect night. Grr Ive had the perfect day, and a perfect night this month, and no one to spend it with. I do hate to waste these times. I do believe another perfect night will find its way to me this year. So, why was this a perfect night? Why do you ask? First off, It was a Full Moon. Oh do I love the full moon, I love the energy it gives me. The feeling of it just makes me feel alive. Then there is the smell, the smell of midsummer. Freshly cut grass, a light bit of dew in the air. Wonderful, smelled like vacation. It was also night that called for me to take a long walk. Which I didnt I should have though. This also would have been a grand night to talk to the spirits, but I didnt plan for it, and no reason to half heartly talk to them. August will be a good time to ask them about this fall. Is there any question you would like me to ask them for you?

July is a nice month, not to hot, still a lot of summer left, but no to much that you get sick of the weather. I do so look forward to my friends visiting so we can take hikes, play in the woods, and enjoy all around me. It just doesnt have the same charm doing all these grand adventures by myself. My goal for the fall is to enlarge my circle of friends, I will meet more new ppl down here. PERIOD. Wish me luck, for you all know as wild, crazy, open minded, and outgoing I am, Im also shy sometimes. This being my curse.

But, I must not take away from this lovely night. The most lovely of night you can have when its not storming, or about to storm.

Catch ya on the flipside.