Another Ohio Adventure

Another Ohio Adventure

Hey Party Ppl,

As you all know I had to take a little adventure into Ohio, back to my hometown. My car was finally fixed. I wasnt planning to be up here for more then a day, ending up staying up here for 3 days. As fate would have it. A few of my friends were around to chill out with. Plus, I worked on my other car. 1992 Chevy Caprice Wagon. I want to bring it down sometime soon, it worked out good time.

Anyway, to the important part of this pointless blogging. Wednesday Night, I hung out with one of my old zoo friends. We went to P.L.S.P., which is one of my favorite places where I grew up. While at P.L.S.P. I realized it was going to be a great summer night. The weather was nice, the sky was clear, and there was a breeze. So, that meant I had to take a side trip to the spillway. The spillway was a place we used to hang out at when I was in High School, and such. Then, not wanting the evening to end yet, I went to another memory fill location. The Parking Deck at University of Akron. That was the moment when I knew it was the perfect night. The glow of the city lights, the Akron Skyline, and the smell, the smell of fresh bread being baked. We walked around Uni of Akrons campus for about an hour or so. I couldnt believe how much it had changed. I did go there for 6 years, but that was like 3 years ago. Lots of new build, roads and parking lots now gone. It was a pretty nice campus, to bad to cost so much to go there now.

All and all Im glad I got stuck up in Ohio for a few extra days, I had a good time with old friends, but I also relieved how much I love Flat Top, and cant wait till I can get back there. Akron, Ohio is a nice place to have grew up, a nice place to visit, but Im glad I have Flat Top. Thank you for a Perfect Summer Evening.