Kismet - 2017 Predictions and Goals

2017 Predictions and Goals

World Predictions
a. Coldest Day Recorded
b. 8+ Earthquake
c. Major Leadership Change
d. Very Strange Event
e. Food Prices Spike
f. Bitcoins or similar huge Price Spike

North America Predictions
a. Flooding {Major non Coastal}
b. Major Internet Outage {1+ Million}
c. East Coast Hurricane {NY-VA}
d. Crazy East Coast Snow Storm
e. American Invention Announced {Something Cool}
f. Another Standoff (Like Standing Rock or Malheur)

My Reality
a. Slower Quieter Year
b. Return of Good Days
c. a New Friend
d. Lot’s of Planning
e. Something Crazy affecting WV and/or VA

My Reality (Goals)
  • a. Buy a Canoe (Take 11)
    b. Finish Paperwork for NonProfit
    c. Write a book
    d. Study more Herbalist info
    e. Visit the Ocean