Kismet: 2016 Prediction Recap

2016 Predictions and Goals (11-9) 

    My Score 2008-2016 Total = 
    Correct (65) FAIL (53) Pending Review (7)

World Predictions (2-2)
xa. 250,000 dead from Natural Disaster
b. Strange location for a Hurricane (Hurricane Alex)
c. China Stock Market Crash (There was a few huge drops in the Chinese Market in 2016)
xd. Something bad with the Korea Peninsula (Nothing really to bad happened, or I didn't hear of anything)

So for my world Predictions I was 2 and 2. Solidly avg.

North America Predictions (4-1)
a. Record # of Tornado in a day (A few days in April shattered past records)
b. Major Civil Standoff (Oregon Standoff to start off the year, then we had Standing Rock)
c. Stock Market Crash 2% drop in a day ( 20Jan16 I also believe election night had a 2% drop )
xd. West Coast Earthquake (There was no major West Coast Earthquake in 2016)
e. Crazy Media Stunt (Trump, MTV there was maybe too many to talk about in 2016)

4 correct 1 wrong.

My Reality (Predictions) (3-2-x)
a. Wet Warm Year (It was a warm year, not to be confused with a Hot year. and very very wet.)
xb. a Very Good day (I joke about how in 2012 I said their was never going to be any more very good days)
xc. Getting to see friends (2016 was not a friend, friendly year)
d. Exciting news (exciting yes, good not always)
e. Crazy Weather (Some of the craziest weather swings I've seen in the last 11 years)
f. Discovering something new (Still trying to figure this one out.)

My Reality (Goals) [1-4]
xa. Buy a Canoe (Take 10) NOPE
xb. Get out of debt NOPE
xc. Write a book NOPE
d. Simplify life I did learn some skills to simplify life
xe. Visit the Ocean It's been so long since I've seen the ocean, I should ...