Why I avoid GMOs

Reason I avoid GMO like the plague. 1.> Well done scientific studies get retracted months after they get published, and journal states no good reason on retraction. 2.> Many country like China, Germany, Mexico, Russia... ban GMO. 3.> Personally I hate Monsanto, I wonder how many people they have killed as a company? (DDT, PCB, Agent Orange(HO), now GMO and roundup ) 3a.> Monsanto claims to be a sustainable agriculture company, though they go after farmer whom reuse seeds!? 4.> We need the natural biodiversity of plant varities. Some of the unwanted gene today may be very important in the future. 5.> No labelling of GMO? if they were safe why not label them, it's 3 little letters. It's your job as a informed citizen to decide if GMO are safe for you and your family. below are some link I think you should read.