Shadow People

question to my internet world friends. Whom has seem the shadow people? ( The shadowy movement in the corner of your eye? ) I ask because over the past 2 or 3 days I've been seeing them more and more. Mostly outside, but I have seem them inside once or twice. I did just start wearing my gray moonstone right again, I just looked up the New Moon, it was the 2nd. Now, I'm thinking that may also have something to do with it. Anyone else seem them lately? update: No fear, just wonder ing if others are seeing them too. I haven't figure out their purpose or species yet. I'm leaning toward Dark Faery or maybe "Hatman" Shadow People. Location I noticed them. 1. In bedroom, 10AM, on floor near corner of room. thought it was a cat 2. Outside near my rows of Evergreen Trees, afternoon *3. Inside the chicken barn during feeding time for the chicken. 4. Outside near the wood pile on the outside of Sylvia Smackers pen. 5. Dusk, behind a large maple tree I have my spanish moss in. * Number 3 is where I began really noticing the shadowly movement. Movement out of the corner of my eye isn't rare. I see woodland faeries a handful of times a year. Lived with the Ghost Cat, the first few years I've lived at Mavis Manor. But feeling linked to these little guys are different. I don't know how to explain it. The best way to explain the feeling is, I feel like I'm being observed, or studied. -- Feel free to ask me more question, I don't feel crazy or anything answering them, I think it's interesting whatever this multiverse creature is choosing to interact/observe. -- Also, if you have any experences with these or similar creature I'd like to hear it too. cheers update: Kristy I doubt it's health related, but I keep and eye on myself. -- To the science of being watched I've read in some studies that it's possible linked to abiliities we lost. a theory is why social networking grew go quickly is because it filled a void our mind/body/souls had lost. The same way we can think about a friend then they call. I'll try to find that paper. There is also this ideal that as the planetary climates change, as the sun changes we are also changing. Since we are similar to planets. :: "Warm Iron core" Our heart pumping our iron rich blood. We out gas, and support life. :: I tend to believe what most people call ghosts, spirits, fey, supernatural creatures are just being that live in multidimensional verse. One day everyone we should G+ Hangout or ooVoo or sometype of video chat. ?lol;'ujl;.'/