Turkey Bowl 2008

Turkey Bowl – A backyard football game on Thanksgiving.

I’ve been playing turkey bowl since, like 2002. It all started when a friend from work asked if I wanted to come play football thanksgiving morning. 7 years later I even live in a different state now, and we still play. I’ve only missed one year of turkey bowl. That year was the first year we owned Mavis Manor, and we didn’t Thanksgiving here. My personal record is 0-5-1. I always say my winning game came the year I missed out.

This year was another fine turn out. 16 people. Which can be tricky when you play backyard football. The detail of who scored what, and who tackled who are always lost. It mostly for fun, and for me and Jason to keep track of out record. Did I tell you I was 0-5-1 which makes me at % .083. A tad bit better then the Detroit Lions. ;).

The rest of thanksgiving was good, Ginny my girlfriend came to my parents house and had thanksgiving, we adventures around Akron, and I showed her some of my favorite places, including the Lock on the Ohio Eric Canal. The weather was so so, but at least we could play outside.

Once I made it back to the Manor, it will be time to decorate for Christmas!

Happy Turkey Day!

- Sir Justyn