Hiking @ Peter’s Mountain and the Appalachian Trail

Hiking @ Peter’s Mountain and the Appalachian Trail

Ginny and I wanted to get out and enjoy another lovely fall weekend. This time we wanted to go a little outside of our normal realm. We thought, hey lets head down to Virginia and see what we can find!

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We found Jefferson National Forest, which is a pretty cool place. It’s only about 40 minutes from the Manor, and has lots and lots of cool hiking. I had no idea it was so close - I normally just adventure around the house. This place was a real treat. On our adventure we found this cool stream bed, the water was flowing pretty well.

We drove some more til we found a trailhead. To our surprise, we found the Appalachian Trail! I’ve always wanted to hike the Trail, but thought it was too far away. I had a few friends who spent months hiking the entire thing, Maine to Georgia. Guess I just don’t have that much time on my hands! Just as we started up the trail, I found Teaberries. I’ve been looking for these ever since I moved from NE Ohio. I loved Teaberry gum, so it was so cool to find the berries. We picked a few, and then a few more, and then a few more, until we decided we really needed to head down the trail at least a little bit farther.

The weather was amazing, and the trail was very nice. As we hiked on, the trail got more and more interesting, mostly because of the rocks and the Mountain Laurel. We only walked for about 30 mins on the trail, and Ginny found this little spot in the woods that reminded her of World of Warcraft, so we chilled out there for a bit. It was an awesome spot, a little off the beaten trail.

We played around a little more, and found a grouse! Well, we never found it but we heard it. It’s kinda scary if you don’t know what you're walking up to. We searched for about 20 mins, but never found it, though we did really enjoy the sound and the way the sound felt, kind of like when you stand in front of a bass speaker. Ginny had never heard a grouse before, and she thought it was really neat. Then it was time to adventure on back to the car before it got really dark.

Sound of Grouse

Next time we need to spend the entire day here! I think we'll be going back this spring to play around a little more. On the Baron's Adventure Scale, I will give this a 3.5, because it might get cooler as I find more cool things.

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