Dreams - Remodeling a Building w/ Friends

Weird dream

I was working on some building. Doing the inside remodeling work. A few of my friends were around helping me. Gabi, Julie, Sarah, Shannon, this girl from the zoo I forget her name, and my family. A cousin came by so I had to show him around the place. Which took a little bit, then I was on the phone for with the bank for a little while. My family needed to leave so I saw them off, and finally I was on the computer with Tec support dealing with the business. The Tec support was similar to Second Life and the girl from Tec support walked me through a few steps, we flirted over the computer, and I even invited her to some check out the building sometime. Once, I ended my Tec support I went to find my friends. Julie and Shannon were covered in drywall and plaster because they were moving it around. So I run up to them gave them a hug, and told them sorry I didn't get to spend any of the day with them, but we should go out to dinner tonight. Sarah was on another floor sweeping. I invited her to dinner too. She declined but said she'd come back and help clean some more, she had a blast. I told her I would have more time to help out tomorrow. I should be running around so much. Then I went downstairs to the alley way, and zoo girl was taking out trash. I thanked her very much for her help, and she said no problem, but Gabi left around 1ish got pissed I wasn't around to help out and just left. It was 6ish now. We started working around 11. The four of us went to dinner, and it was great we all had some drinks talked about our day, I told them about Tec support girl, and we laughed and all agreed it was a great day all in all.