Satorai - Winter Chill


Sometimes you just have to wonder why things can be right as rain, and other times completely out of wack. The holidays seem to be the times when you must ponder this the most!! Today, i'm sad. Sad that my worlds all cant be connected. My worlds are in many broken pieces scattered all along the east coast seashore. It strange to really ponder my life in a whole though... like where i've been where i'm going who comes and go and who stays?

I do love the winter season. Why? it helps me reflect about everything in the world, in my life, and in everyone elses life. I like to just sip coffee, look at the snow falling and feel the peace. Rain is peaceful, but a noice peaceful, There is nothing truly like snow. It dances down from the heavens, and lands gentle on the soil. It will build up and sometime you have to move it around, or even better you can get lost in it. Hiking in the winter time is one of my favorite time, Mid day cloudy, when its bright, but still the snow is making the green tree burst in unusally colour. I do so love that.

If we could know our fate would we? See this is a question i toy with a lot. It would be cool to know, but depressing all at the same time. NO surprises. I do so like to experence the unknown. Not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow... its well so refreshing. Know that tomorrow will always be different. Even if somethings stay the same... I miss people. People I normally have close, and people I havent seem or talk to in years. I miss being young. I also miss the childish thoughts I have from time to time. and if you are reading this. I miss you too.

Sadness, that is what i feel. Sadness, i hurts in my bones, in my dreams in my being. I dont really know why? I guess i should just smile, and be greatful i'm loved for whom im and all that jazz...

Till next time