Dream - Musik College

The dream begins with me on a bus arriving at some college. At the college I meet up with some of my friends, a lot of them are getting ready for a performance, and they need to learn all the musik. So, most of them are sitting around the hotel lobby practicing learning and quizzing others on the musik. I and Joop go into the hotel gift shop. Look around for a bit. Them, we walk like 4 blocks away to check out this antique shop. The town was setup rather strange. Very curve roads, and lots of vending carts. We walk back to the hotel, and I started to chit chat with some of the girls I know seeing who wanted to go for a cruise into town. Joop, me and Hero, plus 3 other girls who I seem to know very well, but I don't know in "real life" we will call them, Carrie, Katie and Kara. We had a rental car we could use. It was a late 90s Black Lincoln Town Car. We peel out of the gravel parking lot onto the main drag. The roads were rather curve and there were cops everywhere. We had to drive careful cause it being a college town, people would just walk out into the streets. During the trip I thought I would try out the in car shower, and got all soaped up, and grabbed the shower head to rinse off. We pulled down this whiny country looking road which we thought lead to this park, but it really just lead to this rich dudes house, we turn around in his driveway, which was one of the u shaped drive ways, but he had trees planted at one end of the loop so it wasn't really a u anymore. So we headed back onto the road. Pick this cool looking store and headed inside. While inside they were having like a fashion show where you could buy the clothes, but it was like last years styles, for really cheap. A goodwill fashion show kinda. To buy the clothes you had to get a ticket, and go into this place that looked like a dressing room. You could see most of the clothes hanging on a conveyor belt on the ceiling. The girls purchased some clothes and we headed back to the college for their performances. Carrie and Kara were study partners and headed to one of those quite rooms to study. Katie just wanted to flirt with me, and kept trying to get me to go the park, or upstairs with her. I not wanting her to do bad during her test, I told her maybe after words. Later on Carrie, wanted a "good luck" kiss which she tried to make more them just a little peck. And Kara was giving me googlely eyes the entire time. I went on a quest to find some coffee, and sat at a little coffee shop and read the news paper, it was talking about the tragic event that took place a week or so ago. I don't remember what it was, but that was the reason cops were everywhere. Police presents were something all people had to get use to now, since when u were in a city they were everywhere. Don't remember much more….