Business - Chaging People’s Lives One Person at a Time

Are you looking to make a little extra money? Have you ever dreamt of earning what you are worth? How about backing a product that will give you visible results? Work from Home?

Everyone is trying to maintain a healthy life style. Why not help them achieve that goal? Bring a healthy alternative to dieting into peoples lives. How you may ask? That was the question I had as well. The answer is very simple. Become a Personal Wellness Coach via Herbalife.

I know what you're thinking…
a. "I don't know how to be a wellness coach, do I have to go back to college?"
b. "Do I have to pay large amounts of money?"
c. "Will I have to work 9-5?"
d. "How will I do all of this?"

a. "No college classes required. Herbalife gives you everything you need to become a wellness coach, and will provide you with on going training. Plus you can always come to me for extra help."
b. "No, do you think I would pay large sums of money to join anything… We all know I'm a pretty thrifty boy."
c. "You will set your own hours, work as much or as little as you choose. It's not about working hard, it's about working smart and building relationships with those you are helping."
d. "Contact me, and we will get you started as an Herbalife Distributor, where you start earning 25% of what you sell Day One."

Here is a little example: When one of your customers who is wanting to improve their nutrition habits, purchases100$ of product from you, you instantly make 25$.


After a short while, once you begin growing your business, you can increase your 25% to 50% profit.

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