Satori- Trapped on a Island

Trapped on a Island

There are times in life when love isn't enough. When the pain and the memories of what fills like past lives haunt us. It's these moments when we are tested. How will we fair? From the moment the sand hit the corner of my damp, tear soaked cheek I knew something in myself was wrong.Very Wrong! Not the kind of wrong a goodnight sleep will wash away. But, the kind of wrong that makes you soul search. Make you wish you were someone else. Someone in a different situation. Someone who knew what to do. It questions every ounce of your being. Are you really who you think you are? When the chips are down, will you react the way you desire yourself to act?

Cool breezes, haunting me. The way the ocean disapears in every wave. The fact that nothing will ever be the same. This moment, this very moment, you know you lost your first attempt to "Save the World". These are the reminder that you can be a failor.

This is how you know something is Epic. If love sticks around after you fail to save the world, after you fail on such a level. After you revisit the memories to swore to protect... If love sticks around maybe this love is something words will never describe. Love isn't enough! But, then again nothing is enough!

Love just might be what saves me. What propells me into the darkness. The darkness that IS "Saving the World"