Dream - Terrorist Event


It was July 3rd. I was talking to my parents about their rental properties. We were talking about how it was weird that someone wanted the house on July 1st. My parents drove past the house to find out the people weren't their yet. For some reason they went inside. Inside they find the house completely wired up to explode. The house was timed to explode on July 4th. The bomb squad was called, but they weren't completely sure if they were going to be able to do anything. It became a giant new story the entire state of Ohio was locked down. I just happened to be in North Carolina, and they told people they weren't aloud to travel. The cell phone grid was turned off on the entire east coast just in case the bombs could be detonated remotely. So, there was no way to communicate with my family. On the news they weren't entirely sure what they were going to do. The morning of July 4th thousands of homes through out the east coast explored. A few of these wired homes were dirty bombs. Millions of people were killed. I didn't know if my family was alive. I didn't know anything about my place in Flat Top. They only person I knew was alive was my friend I was staying with. It was a terrible feeling, but at least I wasn't alone…