Baron's Weekly Dating Advice - Know What You Want -

Baron's Weekly Dating Advice - Know What You Want -

When you begin dating, try to know what you want from your dating partner. Let me make this clearer. All of us date for different reasons. Sometimes theses reasons are unknown to our conscious mind. With application of thought and reflection, we can find out what we want from our dating partner.

-- Know what the fuck you want. A cheap date that gets you laid easy. A romantic partner that you will fuck 6 times a day. OR some sap that is loaded and wants to spend thousands of dollars on you.

You may be looking for following and some other needs to be fulfilled by your dating partner. They are primary, and there may be many secondary reasons. Let us discuss them.

Every one is dating - I want to date and have a partner because everyone is doing that. I am happy otherwise and can continue without a partner happily for many more years. But I want a partner because everyone is having one.

-- IF everyone is drinking the poison Kool-aid are you going to drink it too? This is a terrible reason to date. If this is the reason you're dating you are a bigger fucking loser then I ever would have guessed… Damn!

Physical needs - I need a partner primary for my physical needs. I need a biological partner.

-- At least you're being honest here. You want a fuck buddy. This involves some planning, and seeking out the right place. Fuck buddies are not really hanging around the Coffee house. The trick here is to suddenly hint around that you're looking for something physical.

Companion and friend- I want a friend who will be with me through pain and pleasures of my life.

-- This is a fun reason to date, but you really need to figure out if you want a Friend or a Lover. See it needs to be pretty clear other wise feeling will get hurt on both ends. Never feel bad about just wanting one or the other. Just communicate damn it!!

Fulfillment- I feel unfulfilled. I want fulfilled. I am not able to define this vacuum but I think that a partner will do it.

-- Fucking Moron!!! If someone else HAS to fulfill that void in your life the problem is with you first. Someone should be a nice addon. EX: How a great wine goes with a great meal. Together they are unstoppable, but they are still great on there own.

I want my own - I want to have someone my very own. In front of who I can laugh and cry. Who will support me through life and whom I will support like wise? I want to walk watching the sunset hand in hand with my beloved.

-- OK, OK, This is a nice thing. I can't really say that I know anyone that doesn't want this. You just have to make sure you're not settling for less then something ideal for you.

I want love - I need love and pampering. I never got it in my childhood. I need it badly. I want someone who will treat me gently and give me love.

-- NEEDY!! Warning this will only fuck up a relationship!!! Avoid if you find this kind of person!!!! Wanting to be loved and needed to be loved is a huge difference. When you are really in love it just all comes together and the want and needs go away!

There may be many other wants that one desires the dating partner to fulfill. Once you know what precisely you want from your dating partner your choice becomes narrowed down and you will get better results. Knowing about our requirement always helps in satisfying our needs.

-- Just get to know yourself first. Date yourself, and make sure you are datable to others!!

-- Baron the Dating Expect --