Poem - Kismet Divided by Two

Kismet Divided by Two

It's morning like those…
Waking up before the pinks and the oranges.
A night chill lingering in the damp air.
Still on my lips, your taste

My dreams never leave the sight of you
How the curves of your sleeping body whined
It's as if I awoke from a wonderland
An abstract thought enters my mind

Laying there lost in the enjoyment of your very existence
Sensations of velvet as I brush past the nape of your neck
As I drown in a sea, a sea of emotional fulfillment
I Stare, wondering, totally indulging in a radiant sleeping girl

The songs of the morning larks intensify
The Pinks and Amber dance across the window sills
Your gray eye open
Now I'm lost in that world of yours' again

It's that morning kiss,
Nothing but this kiss can breaks the silence,
And wakes up the world but there is still a desire
The desire to make love in the silence of mornings

Pink and Peaches has now faded away,
We are still locked in the lover embrace
One more kiss could be the best thing
Tired but energized

Lips still tingling, beads of sweat still lingering
Time has finally found our hiding space
Never has the beauty of the morning faded so wonderfully
This last kiss will only suspend our passion

Jerriko Rose