Local News - Baron Concedes Mayor Election

Baron Concedes Mayor Election

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Baron Concedes Mayor Election
31 May 2007
Web posted at: 11:37 JST

What may be called the closest Mayor race in Flat Top history? Revolutionist Party candidate Baron Justyn J. Marchese conceded to Mayor Elect Sir Jim Gum.

Baron's in a public speech to his imaginary friends said:

"Today, for the sake of our unity of the people, I offer my concession. Let there be no doubt, while I strongly disagree with the court's decision, I accept it. I accept the finality of this outcome which will be ratified Friday morning. Years from now, we'll be telling our grandchildren about this. Next year I will have to try a different tactic. Maybe all my hair pink instead of just half."

Just weeks before the election, Baron Justyn had a brief visit to his hometown of Green, Ohio ( Which is also the headquarters of Diebold, but this has no connection to any attempts by Baron Justyn to attempt any type of Electoral fraud.) Since, the electronic ballot were not president, a recount was not in order. "Write-In are so 20th Century" stated Baron Justyn in an earlier interview. Flat Top is being coming a 21st century hamlet, with out own webcam, and unofficial website on the way. Baron had planned a series of Fireside Chats to be broadcasted on Radio Mavis. In his Fireside Chats, Baron Justyn was planning to address some of the common felt problem in this lovely hamlet. Alas, the Fireside Chats when to the wayside after a freak windstorm knocked power out. ( Also the Baron's A.D.D. kicked in and he just forgot.)

"At this time I'm throwing my hat in for the 2008 Flat Top Mayor race. I may have lost this time, but there is always Sir Tom Graham's record of 30 years of failed Mayor bid attempts. We all have to strive for something. For future updates you can always visit www.baron4mayor.info"

I must thank all my local supports for thinking about supporting me in this 2007 election. I'd like to specially thank Exxon for no attempting to keep the Gas Prices low, The Canadian government, for showing zero support in my strives for Unification. The CIA and their wiretaps ( I hope you enjoyed last night conversation boys) Fellow Ohioans who now live in Southern West Virginia, Mother Nature for a late winter frost that killed my beautiful Lilac bushes. Pink Hair dye, the Number 37, Mot Maharg for spreading propaganda, and gravel. For without gravel how would we ever have backroads. Thank you and Goodnight!