Dreams - Kissable Girl


It was in the back of this old school bus. Blonde girl, I believe, blue or green eye. One of those girls I would call hot. I'm not really sure why I was on the bus, but I was going to get off, and she walked up to me, and grabbed my head and kissed me. It was one of those perfect mind blowing kisses. Even thinking about it now makes me go whoo! And it was only dream. Of course I kissed her back. So, we got off the bus, and started walking down this tree covered gravel road. As we walked down the street, she looked me dead in the eyes and told I just saved your life. Look at me again, and we got lost looking into each others eyes and kissed again. It was another one of those damn awesome mind blowing kisses, you know the kind where it feels like sparks are running through your entire body, and making your toes tingle. Mmmm... just thinking about it. Boy, I must be longing for something like that. So, back to the dream. We walked down this dusty road, and I asked her what she meant by saying she saved my life. She told me it wasn't really important. It was just something we was meant to do, and she achieved her goal. We headed back to her house. It was a lovely walk back. The road was quiet no cars nothing, just the birds singing. We arrived at her house, and we sat on this old swing and chit chatted and kissed some more. Ever kiss seemed to just get better. All I keep thinking about was kissing her more and more. I mean kissing her seemed to out weigh anything else in the world. No sex, just kissing. We went in made some sweet tea, kiss a lot more, and finally got tired and fell asleep in each other arms. It's was so weird I can't say it was a sexual dream, because all that seemed to happen was kissing, but it seemed like just the perfect thing to happen.

So where are you kissable girl? I so need to experience that kiss once in real life. The dream was such a teaster...

till i find you!