Love: What do you do when you wake up and realize all your dreams came true?

Tonight I did something, I have forgot to do in a long time. I sat and watch the sunset, not just 5 mins of it, but the entire 30 min show. I watched as the sky turned to the amber, orange, pink, and scarlet. Then I watch it as the dark blue, and green took over. I mean I really enjoyed it, and reminded myself of how we take life to seriously sometime. How sometime we just forget to fall in love with life over and over, and over again. I love being alive, I love living the life I was given, pick out, created, or how ever it happens.

Today, really was a bag of emotions, this morning I woke up early, explored the world with Dora the explorer, ate cheerios, build a dream farm, and dance in my kitchen with a beautiful blonde. Sadly, that time was cut short. But, there will be a next time, and we will catch 5 fish, read 3 bedtime stories, and tons more games of hide and seek.

My afternoon, it involved watching a movie, not a life changing movie, but a movie that help open my eyes again. It was called the Fountain, watch it is worth your wild. My new tattoo idea came from that movie… I also planted some flowers, oh will my spring garden next year be amazing. This year was wonderful, all the hard work, well worth it, next year… Wow, is the only word that comes to mine.

Now to my dreams, I'll begin with a letter.

Dear girl I have yet to meet,

I love you, maybe people say it to much, or maybe not even enough, but what other people say and do doesn't matter to me, you are all that matters now. I watched the most lovely sunset this evening, I would be sadden thinking that you missed it, but you didn't where ever you were, I know you stop and enjoyed it, if only for a moment. That was our moment; I'm looking forward to talking about all the moments we share together. I know, sometime I can be impatient, but it's so hard to wait for the love of your life. I will though, I will. Just the thought of seeing your smiling face, even now bring a glow to me.

The dances we will share, the time we will hide from, and the adventure we will have. Why must you play these silly games? Alas, I know, the sweet isn't as sweet without the sour. You have your life lessons to learn too. To have something EPIC, the timing has to be right, the stage has to be set, and the love has to be unbreakable. Just knowing that you are out there though, knowing that I could hold you in my arms forever, knowing we are lovers from different lives, knowing that we had multi-life times to find each other.

Keep your eyes open, I don't want to miss a second of being lost in those eyes of yours.

Till that fateful day

Your Love,

-Sir Justyn

What is love?

This is the reason you never throw away old love letters!
<>"…because going out takes the adventure away, and I want to
get to know you as much as possible. Justyn, you're like a good book, everytime I finish a chapter, there always another chapter and I never thought it could get any better, but it has. I don't want what happened today to change what might happen tomorrow…"

What do you do when you wake up and realize all your dreams came true?